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Fix: Kindle not Showing up on PC - Turn off PC and Kindle and disconnect all the cables attached. After turning your PC back on, open Calibre and connect Kindle to PC. Turn on Kindle now and see if the connection is successful. Make sure that the PIN authentication is turned off for your Kindle. There is an option in Kindle which provides an extra layer of security. Kindle Fire camera app problems – and solutions Mar 22, 2017 Troubleshooting steps for Kindle Fire - Zynga Support

Troubleshooting steps for Kindle Fire Many game performance issues (i.e. loading, crashing, missing features, sync-ing of game) can be resolved in the following ways: Check your Internet connection

Here are some common Kindle Fire problems, and how to fix them

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Restart your Kindle Fire 1st Generation Many issues with your Kindle Fire, such as a frozen screen or issues with downloading content, can be solved by restarting your device. 1. Press and hold the Power button for a full 20 seconds. Your Kindle Fire will shut down while you hold the Power button, which is … Why does Roblox on my son’s Kindle Fire keep losing an Interesting…here are some possible causes. 1. Your connection speed is low 2. Your device storage has been used up so much, your server is laggy 3. Your son uses a game with a lot of parts. Games with to much detail/part size tend to load more whi Kindle Fire Connection Problems - Page 2 - NETGEAR Communities Re: Kindle Fire Connection Problems jmizoguchi wrote: it's all hard to say but I would suggest to test out different wireless router to observe the issues since if you say channel 11 clear that other factor is involved which could compatible related with two devices. Fix Kindle Frozen Problem on PaperWhite and Fire Tablet May 18, 2020