This is known as an "Internet breakout." The advantage of this is all the Internet traffic does not need to be carried to the central site, saving on bandwidth, and the local ISP may offer cheaper pricing than the central site. The downside is that Internet filtering and malware protection must be placed at the remote site's ISP connection as well.

Jul 01, 2020 Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.0 | Fortinet Tunneled Internet browsing. This is a sample configuration of tunneled internet browsing using a dialup VPN. To centralize network management and control, all branch office traffic is tunneled to HQ, including Internet browsing. To configure a dialup VPN to tunnel Internet browsing using the GUI: Configure the dialup VPN server FortiGate at HQ: Scalable, secure and reliable connectivity for your global Regional Internet Breakout: Offers direct internet gateway from the VPN at specific regional location(s) instead of aggregating through a hub site’s internet access. Remote Site Access: Enables remote customer sites to access their organization’s VPN via the Internet using IPSec protocol and gateway. Backup Link Options: Issue with hub and spoke VPN with internet breakout Dec 12, 2017

Then you need to configure one of the uplinks as backup vpn internet breakout. The SteelConnect gateway automatically load balances the sessions over the two uplinks based on source and destination IP addresses. Flavors of Tunneling VPN tunneling is a highly technical subject that merits and has its own blogs and books.

How to Fix No Internet Connection After Connecting to VPN Sep 13, 2018 What Is a VPN, and Why Would I Need One?

To get around that, the security team could either build a local Internet breakout for the user or simply let all Internet traffic (including Salesforce) bypass the VPN. Unfortunately, building a local Internet breakout for every remote user is economically unfeasible, and the security provided by the breakout wouldn’t follow users whenever

Create a Data Policy to Direct Traffic to the Internet Exit. To direct data traffic from a vEdge router to an Internet exit point, you split the destination of the traffic within a VPN, sending some to remote sites in the VPN and directing the traffic that is destined to the Internet (or other destinations outside the overlay network) to exit directly from the local vEdge router to the You Cannot Connect to the Internet After You Connect to a