2020-5-4 · By default, Gmail combines terms with an invisible AND.For example, shepherd macaroni finds all messages that contain both shepherd and macaroni; before:2019/05/05 AND after:2019/05/04 finds all messages sent or received on May 4, 2019. "" searches for a phrase (not case-sensitive). For example. "shepherd's macaroni" finds all messages containing the phrase shepherd's macaroni; …

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25 Gmail Search Operators That Will Make You a Pro in 2020

Email Searching in Gmail with Operators - Gtricks Gmail’s best feature is its email searching capabilities. Search terms or Operators help us finding mails more easily, effectively and conveniently. Thanks to Google’s proprietary search algorithms, we can find mails hidden deep inside. Simplify Your Gmail Searches with Search Operators - Shift

How to Search Gmail using OR, NOT and advanced techniques

2020-2-12 · Outlook and Outlook.com offer a simple search to find certain emails, but when your search is complicated, construct queries using search operators. Search by sender, subject, folder, date, and date range.Or, search for messages with attachments. Then, combine operators and terms using AND and OR and parentheses for precedence and grouping.