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Release Notes for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client May 27, 2020 Setting up VPNs in iOS 8 - Spiceworks Mar 11, 2015 ASA 5505 VPN IPsec to iPhone 5 with iOS 8 or 9 - Cisco The VPN with iPhone/ipsec worked with this structure very well for three years. I think there is a problem since Apple iOS 8, but I´m not sure because I don´t use the VPN every day. (Is this correct: route outside ?? the is the device I … Change DNS Settings on Windows / Mac / Android / IOS

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After you add the VPN configuration, a VPN switch appears in the Settings menu on the iOS device. To enable or disable the VPN client, click the VPN switch. When a VPN connection is established, the VPN icon appears in the status bar. The VPN client on the iOS device stays connected to the VPN only while the iOS device is in use.

iOS 9 & 10: Go to Settings; Scroll down to General; Go to VPN; Go to Add VPN Configuration; Select IKEv2 from the Type menu; Enter a description eg Shef Uni VPN; In Server, enter vpn.shef.ac.uk; In Remote ID, enter vpn.shef.ac.uk; Under Username enter your University username; Under Password enter your remote access password; Select Done.; iOS 8

1. Launch the latest version of StrongVPN app on your iOS device and select the Settings feature (cog wheel icon) at the bottom right of the app screen. Make sure that you are disconnected from the app before selecting the Settings feature. 2. Select WireGuard for VPN Protocol below the Advanced Settings. The default protocol will be IKEv2. 3. iOS 12.0 and newer: Block prevents users from setting their own Screen Time in the device settings (Settings > General > Screen Time), including content and privacy restrictions. Devices upgraded to iOS 12.0 won't see the restrictions tab in the device settings anymore (Settings > General > Device Management > Management Profile > Restrictions). Per-app VPN settings that are assigned to a required app take precedence over per-app VPN settings assigned to an optional instance of the same app. Per-app VPN settings that are associated with the user group name that appears earlier in the alphabetical list takes precedence if the following conditions are met: For those who are less familiar with Apple's product line, TechRepublic released a short guide that details how to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on iOS 8 through 8.2. While the VPNs referenced are more consumer-oriented, the process itself remains the same. CyberGhost is the first app transforming the VPN technology into a lifestyle experience. The 4 optimized profiles make it easy to use for both casual and expert users - it's 4 VPN apps in 1.