Re: Hyper-V host NIC configuration for VSA I should have been clearer in post to say the following: As VSAs do not support bonding, I used HP NCU teaming on my VSA VMs (LACP Active/Active) to get redundancy and increased performance.

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Hyper-v Configuration Guide

In the physical world, that's correct for a managed switch. The Hyper-V virtual switch isn't managed. It just passes everything through. We have the hypervisor tag the traffic for the virtual NIC. You can put limits on the physical switch for which VLANs it will accept, and how to treat untagged traffic. The next step is attaching a Hyper-V switch to this team. Before we proceed, take a peek in your Network Connections settings again. You will see a new object for the NIC Team. Notice its Device Name is Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Driver. This is the name of the device we will attach our Hyper-V virtual switch to in the next step.

Configuration of Hyper-V Networking Best Practices

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