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Apr 06, 2017 · Actually, you can achieve end to end encryption in Gmail using a tiny Chrome extension. The Chrome extension that lets you do that called Secure Mail for Gmail. The extension adds an additional option next to the Compose button in Gmail that you can use to write an encrypted email. End-to-end email encryption is a method of transmitting data where only the sender and receiver can read email messages. With end-to-end email encryption, the data is encrypted on the sender’s system. Only the intended recipient will be able to decrypt and read it. Nobody in between can read the message or tamper with it. End-to-end email

SendSafely Encryption for Chrome and Gmail - Chrome Web Store

End to end encryption (E2EE) encrypts your message throughout its whole journey between two end-points. It stays encrypted while traveling through intermediate servers and neither the service provider, nor your ISP or any third party can access it. Without E2EE, your message is encrypted once it reaches a mid-point server that decrypts it. Mar 07, 2018 · I understand that on your server the email is encrypted and that for two protonmail users the end-to-end encryption works perfectly fine. However, when the content of the email is actually transferred to a third party email provider (say gmail), I reckon this would need to happen in plain-text (smtp / non-encrypted), and could in principle be